Umajin SmartSensor
Sensors & Machine Vision at the Edge


The Umajin SmartSensor and SmartHub combine to provide a commodity priced solution for advanced machine vision and sensor data collection. Use cases include reading meters, counting objects and people, detecting for states such as a door being open or closed, or when a plane is at the gate.


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Machine Vision on the Edge

The Umajin SmartSensor and SmartHub provide a flexible sensor package and edge machine vision system. The SmartSensor contains sensor ports and a camera while being small, lightweight and can even be battery powered.

This connects via a secure wireless network to the SmartHub. The SmartHub is plugged in and provides self-healing machine learning support, remote diagnostics and backhaul for up to 16 SmartSensors.

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Pattern Matching

Extremely fast pattern matching, calibrated cameras and a smartphone setup application make a wide range of use cases able to be self installed.

The pattern matching algorithims can be configured for specific use cases such as reading meters, counting objects or people, or detecting the absence or presence of specific visual items (such as a door open or closed, or a plane at the gate).

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High performance OCR

The SmartCamera and SmartHub have extremely high performance OCR for reading gauges, dials and other meters.

The system will self-train on the specific font so that only the perfect set of pattern matching templates is used for maximum accuracy and performance. This applies even with mechanical meters that have rotating digits.

Here is an analogue meter targeted by our software running on a low cost, low power system [link]

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Customisable & Secure

The edge pattern matching and image processing framework is very flexible and can be customised for a wide range of use cases.

Examples include advanced photometric analysis of surfaces using controlled lighting to extract per pixel height, directional reflectance, roughness and other data.

Because the compute and data are local it is possible to ensure security and privacy while still getting back extracted data in real-time.